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The Importance Of Airtightness Testing

12 Jun 2019 | BY somarketing

Airtightness testing is the recognised practice of measuring total air lost through leaks in a building. You may also know this as uncontrolled ventilation, or draughts. This test is crucial in establishing the energy efficiency of buildings new and old, and can also help determine whether the build quality is poor in new developments.

Vital for safety and comfort

Having an airtightness test can ensure the building is designed and built in a way that will prevent the spread of fire, which is obviously important. But making sure the test is completed will also ensure the reduction of leaks that can potentially cause heat loss, higher energy bills, and greater CO2 emissions.

How can you ensure that your building passes its test, and how can you make sure you’re best prepared for it?

Timing is key

Your test should be completed towards the end of the construction project. Once everything is finished, teams like ours can come into the property and test to make sure it is compliant with building regulations and standards. The test is also important because it can influence the building’s overall energy rating.

There are different levels of testing, which are established from the size of a building and also how complex it is. Level 1 is a test for single or smaller dwellings, level 2 is for buildings larger than 4000 m3 gross volume, and level 3 is for LCHR buildings, zoned buildings, and handover buildings.

In the rare event that you’ll need your test done sooner than the very end of the project, there will be certain criteria that you will need to meet. Our Top Tip Checklist will be perfect in helping you decide whether your property is ready for the test, as it needs to meet such criteria as having power available, skirting boards fitted, windows and doors fitted, and more.

It’s important to consult with teams like ours who offer professional and priceless help, as not all questions can be answered on the day your test is booked. Our knowledgeable team will ensure you get answers to any lingering questions you have, or that you’ll even be able to discuss ways you can make sure your building will fare well in the airtightness test. Get in touch now.