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Air Testing - Checklist

A last-minute checklist to give you a final push to achieve a pass, all of these tips can be done in minutes but can be the difference between a pass or fail. Make sure you tick them all off to give yourself the best chance of passing!

The checklist includes a brief guide to making sure your property is at the correct stage for an Air test and a 10 top tip checklist based on our engineer’s experiences of areas of weakness.

Download our free checklist today to make sure you are fully prepared and pass your air tightness test first-time!

Air Testing - Builders Guide

This in-depth guide goes through each stage of the building process and from our experience some of the major areas that put your air test result in jeopardy. This guide will help you to limit uncontrolled air flow, allowing you to focus on the air flow you want through ventilation systems!

follow this guide to ensure every part of your build is airtight, and watch the results from your airtightness test’s plummet saving you valuable money on high-end building specifications.

Download our builders guide to pass your test in style and get the best possible air tightness score!

SAP Checklist

Use our handy guide to ensure you have all the information needed. This Checklist breaks down each element of the SAP calculation to make it as straightforward as possible.

This is also the perfect guide for self builds who may not know all of the questions to ask their architects or builders. Its best to use this guide at the very start to make sure you have all the information needed.

Download our SAP checklist to make SAP’s as straightforward as possible!

Download SAP checklist

Acoustic Checklist

If you don’t know what to do to prepare for your Acoustic test then this is the guide for you. The guide looks to prevent some of the most common reasons for failure to ensure you pass your test first time. This guide is often used in conjunction with the Air Tightness testing checklist as Air Tightness often positively effects your acoustic test.

The guide ensures you conduct your test at the right time to ensure you have every chance of passing and avoid any expensive remedial work.

Download our Acoustic checklist to pass your test first time!

Download Acoustic Checklist

Water Calculations - Worksheet

Complete our handy worksheet and get your water calculations completed today! The worksheet includes all the key information we require to complete the calculation and makes passing part G of building regulations as simple as possible.

The worksheet ensures you don’t miss any key information and can be completed as soon as you know what products you are going to use.

Download our worksheet to pass part G of building regulations today!

Download the Worksheet