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How To Prepare For An Air Tightness Test

12 Jun 2019 | BY somarketing

Are you worried about your Air Test? We have collected some of our top tips to settle your nerves! From our experience when our customers follow these guidelines they have no problem passing their test! We’ve seen many builders who simply do not prepare for their air test and in doing so put themselves at a huge risk of failing. Our handy tips can be done in minutes so don’t leave anything to chance!

From our experience, the two areas of the house that are at risk of air leakage are the kitchen and bathroom. Some builders often neglect these areas but with incoming services, in both rooms, this can really cause problems! We advise checking all services are appropriately sealed around the pipes even those out of site e.g. behind sinks and especially those in or behind cupboards! Focusing on the bathroom we have noticed significant leakage from shower trays and baths, these need to be sealed where they penetrate the floor and walls and need to be correctly fitted.

One of the biggest areas of leakage we often notice is from underneath the skirting board, we know the gap is often very small but the air leakage soon adds up when the gap goes around the whole house! We advise sealing the top and bottom of the skirting board to ensure a perfect seal around the whole exterior of the house.

If you want more tips head over to our main site and download our top tip checklist from our resources page! Contact Us for more information.