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Are You Ready For Your Air Tightness Test?

12 Jun 2019 | BY somarketing

One of the most popular questions we have is ‘am I ready for my air tightness test?’ and in most cases the answer is yes and we arrange a suitable date. However, in some cases there is confusion of what stage the test should be completed. We advise leaving your Air Tightness Test to the very end of your project when even the decorating has been done! This way we can test the finished article as you intend the house to be lived in. However, we do advise consulting us before booking your test with any questions as not everything can be fixed at the last minute!

in some cases you may need your test done sooner, in which case there are certain criteria your dwelling needs to meet such as: power available in dwelling, skirting boards fitted, loft hatch fitted, all windows and doors fitted, trickle vents fitted and all lights and sockets fitted, a full list can be seen in our top tip checklist. Your Air Tightness Test can technically be completed in the exceptional circumstance something has been broken such as one trickle vent, however, this means we record the missing part as a deviation which can put your test result at risk! Therefore, to avoid complications we advise having you’re test done at its final stage.

If you have any further questions if your house is ready or any specific questions concerns don’t hesitate to contact us today!