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What If We Fail Our Air Tightness Test?

12 Jun 2019 | BY somarketing

We understand that no matter how careful you are throughout your build that sometimes mistakes do happen. This can range from simply forgetting to seal a bath panel to improperly sealed bricks. It really is impossible with the months and sometimes even years of building for every single job to be done perfectly. Sometimes this can result in a lower Air Tightness score than expected and unfortunately in some cases that just isn’t good enough for your SAP assessor!

At Airtight Testing Staffordshire, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and we try to ensure this is never the case with detailed guidance before you take your test. However, in some cases we notice unexpected air leakage and this can be a problem. We will offer guidance on how to solve the problem, and if it is possible we will re-test your dwelling on the same day at no extra cost! Unfortunately, some problems require much more than just sealing a bath panel! This may require testing on a different day, if this is the case we offer the re-test at a discounted rate.

It may seem like a pain to make changes and alterations when you’re so close to completing your build but simple alterations can make a big difference in your result, in the unlikely case you are stuck in this situation we try to make the process as stress free as possible and will give you as much time as required or in some cases less to meet your deadline and pass your test!