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Reducing carbon emissions with air tightness testing

20 Jan 2023 | BY

The environment is one of the issues at the forefront of modern society, with government, companies and people all striving to prevent climate change, from the smallest of changes to the largest lifestyle shifts. Reducing CO2 emissions is a fundamental part of that. Learn more about why reducing CO2 emissions is important and some of the steps you can take when reducing your own personal emissions.

Why reducing CO2 emissions is important

The climate is in an extremely precarious position now. As carbon dioxide emissions rise, the amount of heat that stays in the atmosphere increases and drives global temperatures up. Not only do temperatures rise, but entire ecosystems struggle to adapt. This leads to even more inclement weather, which threatens the lives of some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. Reducing CO2 emissions is one of the few evident ways of combatting this.

Are we reducing carbon emissions by enough?

At the current rate, no. Increasing industrialization across developing nations means that more and more emissions are being pumped out into the world, in addition to an increasingly digital world leading to more production. Growth tends to go hand in hand with emissions. The world needs to offset as much carbon dioxide as it produces by the mid-21st century, or scientists anticipate a disaster for the global climate. This means that we need to take every step we can to cut down on emissions.

Reducing carbon emissions at home

We all contribute to the world’s carbon emissions in our own little way, through both our home life and our professional life. There are a few steps you can take when looking to reduce your carbon emissions at home, including:

Aim for efficiency

The first thing to do in your property is to increase the efficiency of your day-to-day life. Efficiency encompasses all of your utilities, with electricity, water and even the air in your home potentially making the difference. More efficiency means that you make savings without having to change your lifestyle at all, simply coming from investing in energy-efficient products.

Think about airtightness

Air tightness refers to the proportion of air in your house that stays there. If you have a home with a draft that leaks air, that’s a sign of poor airtightness. A more airtight property means that you use less energy on heating your home, as the warm air stays where it is meant to be. Increase your airtightness to cut down on the amount of energy you waste, and this starts with an airtightness test in your home.

Cut your waste

Cut down on the amount of energy that you waste on a daily basis. For example, if you have a television that you keep on standby all day, that’s adding to the amount of energy that your home uses constantly. Switch things off when you’re not using them, especially when they’re luxury appliances such as televisions that go through a lot of energy even when they appear off. Not only do you cut your emissions this way, but you save money on your bills too.

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