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Airtightness Testing for Bristol

Based in Staffordshire, we conduct Air Tightness Testing for Bristol for a range of new builds, and other types of dwellings (i.e., flats). Our services are ideal for contractors, developers, or architects who need to check if their building follows regulations and meets air permeability targets.

Make sure your building is safe and meets all regulation requirements with our airtightness testing services today.

What is an Airtightness Testing service?

Also known as an air permeability test, this airtightness testing service measures the amount of air escaping from cracks and leaks in a building. A fan is used to gauge how much air is flowing from the inside to the outside, so an accurate reading of air loss can be taken.

How do I know if I need an Airtightness Testing service?

Air Tightness Testing is needed to make sure new builds are constructed in compliance with Part L1A and L2A of the Building Regulations of Domestic and Commercial New Builds. From building, contracting or designing a new build having an airtightness testing service done is a must.

This can help not only to pass building regulations, but limit a fire spreading in your building, due to the direction of airflow.

The benefits of using our Airtightness Testing service:

  • A quick and dependable service – to let you meet those time-sensitive deadlines
  • We can travel anywhere across the UK – no matter where you’re based, particularly if you are in the Midlands, we can travel to meet you (upon request)
  • A team of experts on hand to help – our high qualified team can give you advice to help you achieve building compliance
  • Cost-effective – Our method of airtight testing each house individually is a cost-effective, efficient process. Save money otherwise potentially spent on houses that are penalised for not passing

Top 10 Tips for getting an Airtightness Testing done

Building an airtight home relies on many distinct factors – including the various tradesmen working on the house | can be reliant on a long list of building requirements}. If your new build meets these 10 requirements, you’re ready for an airtightness test.

  • Your SAP is completed (as this will be used to set the target value for airtightness testing)
  • Trickle vents are fitted
  • Power is available in the house
  • All windows and doors are fitted
  • Loft hatch is fitted and sealed around the perimeter
  • Plumbing is complete and traps filled
  • All lights and sockets are filled
  • Skirting boards fitted and sealed
  • Boiler flue and ventilation system penetrations sealed
  • Incoming services are sealed (gas and electric)

How do you pass this Airtightness test?

Every new build has an air permeability target. This ranges from 1-10, depending on your SAP assessor. Our highly-knowledgeable team at Airtight Testing Staffordshire can offer you expert advice and tell you if your building needs a test, and what rating you need to meet.

We work hard to help you meet this target, and for your peace of mind your building works will only be signed off when this airtightness test has been passed.