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Air Tightness Testing

Air Leakage and Air Permeability Tests in new build houses and other dwelling types





  • Who are Airtight Testing Staffordshire?

    Airtight Testing Staffordshire LTD was a company initially borne from the desire to provide specialised and expert Air Tightness tests (also commonly referred to as Air Leakage and Air Permeability Tests) for a range of new build properties and other residential accommodations. However, as our company has grown, so has our vast array of services. We are now able to offer an extensive range of solutions for our clients including but not limited to Air Tightness tests, SAP assessments, Acoustic testing, Ventilation testing and Water calculations.

    We take pride in the fact that our range of services comes under one umbrella which helps to significantly simplify the building regulations process for our clients, saving them considerable time and energy! Here at Airtight Testing Staffordshire LTD, we understand all too well how complex building regulations can be and we make every attempt to support you and make your life easier every step of the way.

    Our highly trained and specialised team works tirelessly to provide exceptional service and go the extra mile for every one of our clients throughout their build process. We have a pool of extensive resources at our disposal combined with a bespoke and professional service that makes us the go-to air-tightness test company for your next project.

    What makes Airtight Testing Staffordshire unique?

    Here at Airtight Testing Staffordshire, we take pride in standing out from the crowd and providing service you simply won’t find anywhere else. Customer satisfaction is our no.1 aim, and we make sure to achieve this every time by:

    • Maintaining a friendly and experienced team
    • Providing you expert advice and correspondence
    • Offering fast turn-around times, never missing those important deadlines
    • Giving you help and feedback, both on and off-site
    • Offering competitive prices with the highest-quality services
    • The ability to travel throughout the UK to meet your specific needs

    Who do we help?


    We have spent many years building strong relationships with several skilled and experienced architects. These connections are essential to our work and help us produce the best outcomes possible for our clients. The part we play in helping bring an architect’s creations and designs to life is ensuring that they comply with building regulations, and we’re here to help you bring ideas to your clients with confidence.


    We take pride in working with a range of contractors to help make sure their clients get all that they deserve and the process runs as seamlessly as possible for all parties involved. This allows you to ensure that your clients are receiving highly professional and the most cost-effective services.


    Building regulations are ever-changing, and this can be a difficult field for developers to navigate. Our developer clients love how our services make passing building regulations on their properties easier than ever, as well as helping them stick to tight budgets and deadlines.

    Self Builds

    Going at things alone with a self-build can be a hugely rewarding, yet overwhelming experience. Luckily we have a vast catalogue of self-build clients who we have helped to support every step of the way. We always recommend getting in touch with us early in the process so we can provide our expert advice and services right from the get-go, making things easier throughout the flow of your project.

    Join our loyalty scheme today

    We value our clients and their loyalty more than anything. That’s why we created our loyalty scheme. The more you use our services here at Airtight Testing Staffordshire the more discounts and savings you’ll be eligible for. Find out more about how you can join our incredible scheme today and be part of the family.